A Tiny Sampling

Examples from current and past projects
The Miter Box Tiny House

This is our model Tiny Home.  Named "The Miter Box" because it is a work of precision with much attention paid to the finer details.  It is also an extremely energy efficient structure using a wide variety of energy efficiency measures.  It's a whopping 150 square feet including the bed loft.  It includes a small kitchen, lots of creative storage, a dinette with hydraulic table that turns into a double bed, and a "wet bath" with a shower and flushing toilet.  Click through the slideshow to the left where it gives you a sneak peek into what a tiny-house-in-progress looks like from start to finish.

This home is currently available For Sale for $37,000.  The full listing can be found at http://tinyhouselistings.com/the-miter-box/

The Cider Box Tiny House


This house was completed for a customer that wanted to utilize their backyard space for full time living.  We worked together on carefully designing and constructing the perfect custom home for their needs.  It is an energy efficient structure using a wide variety of energy efficiency measures--everything from a well-constructed thermal envelope to the appliances--energy saving was on the mind for every decision.  The main floor boasts 162 square feet with a 62 square foot sleeping loft. The exterior dimensions are roughly 22’l x 8.5’w x 13.5’h. It includes a fully equipped kitchen, washer/dryer combo, lots of creative storage space and a bathroom with a sink, shower & composting toilet. The interior is completely covered in clear vertical grain cedar and has space for a wood burning stove.


The name came to us as we completed the home in the Fall, just as the leaves were turning, the air was becoming crisp and the golden sun illuminated the warm amber color on the exterior.


Click through the slideshow to get a sneak peek into what we can create for a custom build client. **Please do not duplicate photos of this house without permission.**


Accessory Dwelling Unit

This is an Accessory Dwelling Unit formed in a 1926 NE Portland basement.  The 600 square foot space includes a kitchen, bathroom, living room, two bedrooms and a shared laundry space in the stairwell landing.

Strict sound-proofing and energy efficient measures were utilized throughout.  Three egress windows were installed as well as three additional windows to allow for ample light and emergency accessibility.

Mechanical additions inlcude an ERV for optimal fresh air ventilation, a natural gas burning stove and hydronic heating.

The Salsa Box Tiny House

A 96 sq. ft. instant cabin designed to be an efficient, durable and budget-friendly Tiny Home. It is a cozy, compact cabin with a queen sized bed and lots of creative nooks and crannies for storage. It was designed to provide simple living in a natural setting. It comes with a full 30 Amp RV hookup and RV water connection--complete with a mini tub/shower combo (8 cubic feet) and a flushing toilet--but can also be modified to be off-grid for the coast, woods, high desert or in between since it is built to withstand a variety of weather conditions. It incorporates a simplified construction process using weight-saving, energy-saving and space-saving measures. It was originally built as an instructional model to give workshop students a clear look at each of the steps involved in building a Tiny Home. It also includes a cute little Living Roof over the porch (the first that we have seen on a Tiny Home!).  This model comes in 12' (pictured), 16' and 20' lengths.

Attic & Porch Renovation

A dark, dingy, uninsulated attic space was transformed into a bright, inviting and functional addition to this turn of the century home.  Windows and skylights were added for optimal cross ventilation and light.  Spray foam insulation was used to minimize the heat transfer from the black roof above and to keep it warm during the colder months.

On the main floor an awkward, dark and molding porch space was converted to become a functional lounge and nook area with sleeping capabilities in this funky old house.  As many windows as possible were used to make the old porch feel like a nice transition from the outdoor and indoor spaces.